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Partnership Real-Time Information, Management and Exchange System (ePRIME)

ePrime is the official education and events management platform for NATO members and partners.

Two hundred countries and organizations use ePrime on a daily basis to electronically map the workflows of event organization and management. The system meets and exceeds NATO requirements to automate the processes of event proposal and approval, invitation and registration of the participants and the following feedback and report activities. ePrime provides the partner nations with access to online education modules. The export and import tools together with the enhanced online printing functionality complete the full electronic workflow. The NATO ePrime users enjoy a convenient and customisable working environment, giving them the ability to communicate in real time and driving more effective collaboration.

Tetracom Interactive Solutions has supported the full application lifecycle of the ePrime project since its inception in 2001: collection and analysis of NATO requirements, writing the software specification, building the system design, implementation, testing and compilation of supportive documentation. The company continues to provide full technical support and maintenance of ePrime.

ePRIME enables NATO/PfP members, which are geographically separated and use incompatible platforms, to share sensitive information about cooperation programs over the Internet, with the appropriate security and access control.

Following a fully electronic workflow, users enjoy a convenient and customizable working environment, which, although displayed in a web browser, "feels" like a desktop application. 


ePRIME is a database-driven 3-tier web application for collaboration and document exchange (CRM). It comprises a central database, an access control and authentication module, an internal messaging system, import and export wizards, and system management tools -- all wrapped in a comprehensive and intuitive GUI.

Database and Programming Languages

MS SQL Server 2000 / ASP.NET / JAVA

Project size 158 PfP members, 12,000 programs, 45,000 participants.

NATO Partnership for Peace (PfP) - http://www.nato.int/issues/pfp/

NATO/PfP members need to exchange (over the web) confidential information about numerous PfP cooperation programs, throughout the whole program organization cycle: proposal, approval, invitation, registration, feedback, and report.

Organizing NATO/PfP cooperation programs is now cheaper, faster, more secure, and less error-prone.


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