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The smart news reader Mtalk

Mtalk is a personal content advisor. It looks at reader’s interests to give them the content they need. Every piece of news regarding a reader’s business, favorite sports team, hobby or any other topic of interest will reach them on an internet-enabled device within seconds of publication – be it in English, German, French or Russian. The apps’s semantic analysis also offers invaluable insight into the opinions of international and local media on topical issues, people, places and events as well as the dynamism of a debate.

Timeline 2012-2013

Play Framework, Java, Scala, PostgreSQL, Apache SOLR, UIMA, nginx

Database and Programming Languages

Java, Scala, PostgreSQL, Apache SOLR

  • A scientific team can make a discovery or reach a significant innovation as they have adequate and timely access to relevant information delivered from both internal and a wide diversity of external to the organization sources.
  • Managers, financial specialists and strategic planners may use the collected and analysed content about a new competitor’s product or the social image of their new service as a long-term outlook of a market niche or as an insight regarding the factors improving the success rate of sales.
  • PR agencies, political parties can sample the media flow for their public image in the press and in the social networks.

Unlike the keyword matching process, the approach we undertake looks at a users data as an organised entity with internal links that preserve the integrity of the content. To build the user’s profile, the platform Mediatalk carries out a day-to-day analysis of the user’s sources that give the scope of interest. This profile serves as a pattern against which the media stream of text, audio and video in Bugarian and English is analysed. The result is comprehensive in its coverage as well as focused and suggestive:


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