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Build a website at your leisure

Atlas supports your web content

ATLAS is an open-source software platform for multilingual web content management, containing i-Publisher and ASSET. i-Publisher is a web-based instrument for creating, running and managing dynamic content-driven web sites. ASSET is a linguistic framework that enriches the content in these web sites with automatic annotation of important names and concepts, suggestions for categories and keywords, summary generation and computer-aided translations in English, Bulgarian, German, Greek, Polish and Romanian.

ATLAS-powered websites stand out with their incredible user navigation framework allowing readers to discern essential information with unparalleled clarity.

ATLAS is a project funded by the European Commission under the CIP ICT PSP.

ATLAS as a free software-as-a-service solution

If you want to share an idea, a vision, a feeling, a product, a scientific discovery, a photo, a hobby you are:

  • just 10 clicks away from seeing it online. Pick a website, pin your logo, paste content
  • 20 minutes away from publishing a customised website. Choose a theme, define the content and feed the website with pictures and texts

Who are the service users?

Small enterprises, young scientists, students, passionate web users, people with big ideas and little web experience

Why choose ATLAS:

  • because it is a free service
  • no installation and maintenance overhead
  • a quick and efficient way for inexperienced users to build a multilingual website with advanced language technologies

ATLAS as a product

When your company has to deal with heavy document flow that comes in many languages and formats, ATLAS will process and manage all data.

Who are the product users?

Corporate clients, companies, universities, digital libraries, media agencies, publishing houses, online bookstores

Why install ATLAS:

  • It gives granular user access rights that ensure fluent and secure workflows
  • It increases efficiency, promotes relevant information to different websites, RSS feeds and mobile device applications at once
  • You get all newly added content to your document workflow automatically categorised, annotated and translated
  • You get instant preview of a newly created website