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ISN Search Engine

To provide ISN with the required functionality, our product uses Apache Lucene – a library written entirely in Java, which adds text indexing and searching capabilities to our implementation. The system collects relevant content, which is then indexed by Lucene to ensure fast and accurate information retrieval by the search engine. The whole process is controlled by a management application allowing users to define the settings, under which it is implemented.


Our system is a client-server application with a muli-tiered plugin-oriented architecture. It comprises of a central database, Search server, Lucene indexes, storing collected data, a web-based Search management tool, and a public part, managing user requests to the Search engine.

Database and Programming Languages

PostgreSQL 8.x/ Java (RAP)

Project size Over 400 000 documents in more than 20 Lucene indexes.

The International Relations and Security Network (ISN) at the Center for Security Studies, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich) is a free public service whose goal is to encourage and facilitate the exchange of information among professionals specializing in security and international relations. ISN provides a wide range and a vast number of comprehensive products (online publications, interactive learning content, annotated links, and event information) to its international audience through numerous topic-specific websites. Currently, eleven ISN web sites host over 100 web pages, which display 250 channels of information about more than 10,000 products.

In order to meet the rapidly evolving information needs of their users, it is essential that the ISN provides them access to relevant, up-to-date, and standardized information. Therefore, the organization needs an efficient way to collect large amounts of data from various sources including its sophisticated Knowledge Management System and the web sites of its numerous partners. Furthermore, in order to fully benefit from the available information, users must have the appropriate tool to access it. That is why, the ISN needs a system, which includes a crawler and a comprehensive search engine.

Our product not only enables ISN to update relevant data in an intelligent and timely manner, requiring no major efforts, but also allows users to access needed information through quick and accurate searches.


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