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Project list
  • Платформа за бизнес разузнаване Graze

    Платформа за бизнес разузнаване Graze

    The multilingual intelligence platform Graze provides a live stream of content relevant to the user's business. Relevant information from the media stream, industry discussion forums, blogs, social media, corporate websites and other high-volume data sets undergoes linguistic analysis to bring knowledge and insights about enterprises, topics, statistics and opinion mining. Organised in topics relevant to the context of the user’s business, Graze feeds news, data analysis and statistics instantaneously, across platforms and devices.

  • MediaTalk


    Хората, организациите, фирмите, които се нуждаят от информация, свъзрана с техния бизнес или с други интереси, се загубват в окена от публикации, новини и друго цифрово съдъражие, публикувано в Интернет.

    Съществуващите услуги, които предлагат следене на информацията в медиите търсят и филтрират информацията, сравнявайки я с няколко ключови думи. Статичните и малко на брой ключови думи обаче не са достаъчни, за да се префилтрира динамичния информационен поток и получените резултати много често не са смислени.



    ATLAS (Applied Technology for Language-Aided CMS) is a project funded by the European Commission under the CIP ICT Policy Support Programme. Its main purpose is to facilitate the multilingual Web content development and management, in particular the authoring, versioning and maintenance of multilingual Web sites.

  • Partnership Real-Time Information, Management and Exchange System (ePRIME)

    Partnership Real-Time Information, Management and Exchange System (ePRIME)

    ePrime is the official education and events management platform for NATO members and partners.

    Two hundred countries and organizations use ePrime on a daily basis to electronically map the workflows of event organization and management. The system meets and exceeds NATO requirements to automate the processes of event proposal and approval, invitation and registration of the participants and the following feedback and report activities. ePrime provides the partner nations with access to online education modules. The export and import tools together with the enhanced online printing functionality complete the full electronic workflow. The NATO ePrime users enjoy a convenient and customisable working environment, giving them the ability to communicate in real time and driving more effective collaboration.

    Tetracom Interactive Solutions has supported the full application lifecycle of the ePrime project since its inception in 2001: collection and analysis of NATO requirements, writing the software specification, building the system design, implementation, testing and compilation of supportive documentation. The company continues to provide full technical support and maintenance of ePrime.

    ePRIME enables NATO/PfP members, which are geographically separated and use incompatible platforms, to share sensitive information about cooperation programs over the Internet, with the appropriate security and access control.

    Following a fully electronic workflow, users enjoy a convenient and customizable working environment, which, although displayed in a web browser, "feels" like a desktop application. 

  • ISN Search Engine

    ISN Search Engine

    To provide ISN with the required functionality, our product uses Apache Lucene – a library written entirely in Java, which adds text indexing and searching capabilities to our implementation. The system collects relevant content, which is then indexed by Lucene to ensure fast and accurate information retrieval by the search engine. The whole process is controlled by a management application allowing users to define the settings, under which it is implemented.

  • ISN Content/Knowledge Management System

    ISN Content/Knowledge Management System

    Our specialized content management system (CMS) enables ISN to unify, classify, retrieve, store, reuse, and package heterogeneous information items, which are then rendered dynamically on ISN web pages. The ISN information items are managed collaboratively by CMS users in various roles (contributors, classifiers, designers).

  • Biological Weapons Monitoring (BWM)

    Biological Weapons Monitoring (BWM)

    BioWeapons Monitor (BWM) volunteers all over the world contribute thousands of documents over the Internet, which are then processed (verified, classified, approved, and published on the Web) by BWPP personnel. The final entries are made available to the public on the BWM web site, where sophisticated search tools enable researchers to answer questions, such as "What UN resolutions were voted down by Cuba ?" or "What documents about health security were issued in 2002 by the WHO?"