Tetracom Interactive Solutions
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Tailor-made software solutions for your business


A trusted partner of the EC, NATO, ISN ETH Zurich, our company Tetracom will enhance your business with technologies to collect, analyse and manage multilingual data.

We have fifteen years worth of experience in developing web applications with emphasis on multilingual content management, language processing, document exchange and customer relationship management.

Content and Knowledge Management Systems

Multilingual Open-source Platform ATLAS

Natural Language Processing tools and techniques

Linguistic Platform ASSET
Language Processing Tools
Automatic Classification Tool
Automatic Summarisation Tool
Automatic Annotations Tools

Software development

Content Management Systems
Search Engines and Indexing Machines
Document Exchange Systems
Customer Relationship Management
Tailor-made Server Applications (Java and .NET)
Cross-platform GUI Desktop Java Applications
MacOS X Custom Applications
Iphone and Android Mobile OS Applications
Database Design and Implementation


In addition to providing web technologies and expertise to its direct customers, Tetracom is available as a third-party contractor to other web software companies who are looking to outsource some of their activities in order to reduce time and labor cost.