Our Information Intelligence Platform Graze crowns 25 years of research into Natural Language Understanding.

    The software platform started as a joint project with the EU. In its first year, it won the META Seal of Recognition for excellence in software, products, and services which actively contribute to the European Multilingual Information Society.

    The platform applies machine learning, crawling techniques, machine translation, topical categorisation, clustering, geospatial analyses and signal detection to turn unstructured data into valuable content focused on topics defined by the user.

    The platform translates and analyses more than 1 000 000 news articles daily coming in Arabic, Bulgarian, Bahasa, Chinese, Czech, German, Greek, Farsi, Finish, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Slovanian, Slovak, Swedish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Turkish, Vietnamese languages. The platform readily accommodates all the latest research we do using neural networks.