The content creator team of the Swiss Defence ministry and the Center for Security Studies at ETH has used the Knowledge Management System to build and maintain more that 100 websites featuring dynamic structure and multilingual content for more than 15 years.

    ePrime, developed by Tetracom in 2000, was chosen as the official educational and events management platform by NATO members and partners.Two hundred countries and organisations use ePrime on a daily basis to electronically map the workflows of event organisation and management to reach their defence reform objectives.

    The Bioweapons prevention project is an online repository of primary documents and other important publications relating to the disarmament and non-proliferation or regulating the acquisition, possession and use of poisonous substances, pathogens and other infective materials and toxins. Presented by Tetracom at UN, it was praised by the American ambassador at the Summer Bioweapon session held in Geneva 2007.

    The distance learning platform brings students, teachers and parents together in the classroom to contribute, discuss and monitor the educational process. The Virtual classroom with its multilingual and shared multimedia materials was a welcome learning tool during the pandemic in Bulgaria, advertised as "My class in my pocket".