We assign value to content

We build trust

At Tetracom we work with content, we discover meaning, we elicit relations. Most importantly, we build trust.

Building software for 25 years, we rise to the challenge of new technologies every day and incorporate advanced science in our solutions for the public and private sector.

We turn technological knowledge into a powerful tool for whittling down information, tracing sources and bringing back the reader's trust.


We collect pieces of the puzzle of modern life and compile a coherent picture.


We look at alternative data coming from primary, unmediated information sources in all languages.


We analyse the data fragments and we build an image that reflects your business interests. We are committed to discovering trends and themes that matter the most.


Collect & Filter Information


Translate & Structure Information


Analyse & Explore Information


Address: 18 Prof. N. Gentchev Str. 1700 Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone: +359 2 442 7963

E-mail support@tetracom.com